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Brother's NameDescription (place in history)
Robert Sengstacke AbbottFounder/publisher "Chicago Defender"
Sir John J.C. AbbottPrime Minister of Canada 1891-1892
William "Bud" AbbottFamous half of the Abbott & Costello comedy team.
Roy AcuffKing of Country Music
Arthur William Patrick Albert(Prince Arthur) Third son of Queen Victoria and the longest serving Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England
Nelson Wilmarth AldrichU. S. Senator
Edwin E. "Buzz" AldrinAstronaut - second man to walk on the moon
Harold AlfondOwned famous 'Dexter Shoe Company' and noted philanthropist. Sports complexes throughout Maine made possible by his generous contributions bear his name.
Charles H. AllenFirst Governor of Puerto Rico (1800-1802) when it was freed of its 400 year despotic rule by Spain.
Ira AllenKnown as the 'Father of Vermont'
Richard AllenFounder/first bishop AME Church
Salvador AllendePresident of Chile
Monroe AlthouseDirector - Ringgold Band of Pennsylvania
Ezra AmesPortrait painter who painted portraits of famous Presidents
Brad AndersonCartoonist and creater of the popular 'Marmaduke' comic strip
Robert AndersonMajor General U.S. Army who was in command of Fort Sumter at time of Confederate attack. Known as "Hero Of Fort Sumter."
Major John AndrTBritish soldier who attempted to assist Benedict Arnold in his treasonous betrayal of West Point. He was sendenced to death and hanged in 1790.
George AntheilEccentric composer of the 1920s. His trademark work was the 1924 work "Le Ballet Mecanique" which incorporated sounds from machines like airplane propellers and car horns.
Dennis ArcherMayor of Detroit, MI
Richard ArlenMovie actor.
Louis ArmstrongJazz Musician
Neil ArmstrongFirst man to walk on the moon
Eddie ArnoldCountry Music legend and member of the Grand Ole Opry
General Henry "Hap" ArnoldCommander of the Army Air Force
Max AsherUS movie actor - Keystone Kops
John Jacob AstorFur trader and financier
Chet AtkinsMusician
John James AudubonAmerican ornithologist and artist known for his imposing works in full color of Birds of America. He referred to himself as a "Mason" and "Brother" in his diary but no proof has been found of his membership.
Elden AukerUS baseball 'submarine' pitcher
Stephen F. AustinFather of Texas
Gene AutryAmerican actor who made some 90 movies from the 1930s through the 1950s
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