is a service oriented web site designed to help establish Internet presences for masonic lodges throughout the country. Lodge sites created here are totally self-administerable and are managed by the lodge itself.  Subscribed lodges can participate in many features encouraging inter-lodge communication.

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•  New York to raise 5000 new brothers.
On March 29, 2003, at 10 different locations throughout the state of New Yo......
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A question has been raised regarding how this site handles the different af......
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Did you know that...
•  Freemasonry is the world's first and oldest fraternity, housing over 5 million members world wide, with over 2 million in the United States.
•  Organizations ranging from college frats to systems of government (including the American government) have their basic foundation based on the infrastructure of Freemasonry.
•  14 American presidents, 13 signers of the declaration of independence, and many actors, musicians, military, and public figures have been or are masons.
•  Freemasonry has part of its roots in the famous stonebuilders that built the great Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.
•  Freemasonry holds no bounderies with religion, race, political affiliation, or ethnic heritage.
•  Freemasonry is a charitable organization that donates over 1 million dollars a day to various charities.
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Welcome New Lodges & Districts!
•  Cedar Grove Lodge #628 - District, AL
•  The 2nd Manhattan District, NY
•  The 8th Manhattan District, NY
•  Brotherhood Lodge #1041 - District, NY
•  James W. Husted - Fiat Lux Lodge #1068 - District, NY
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